For those who seem to have lost their way
20 juni 2021 
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For those who seem to have lost their way

You’ve got this! The career you have always dreamt of, that shiny car you yearn for, the dreamy piece of land you wish to visit, the family you want to have one day, the inner peace – you’ve got it! It is all achievable and it is all within an arm’s reach. But you must believe in it. As cliché as it sounds, please believe in yourself, for you are capable of so much more than you think.


I know how easy it can be to slip into the endless loop of negativity; to sit in the passenger seat, buckle up real tight and see your life fly past you. I know that taking on the victim role allows you to create some distance between yourself and the issues that are weighing you down. I know that life can sometimes feel purposeless, that you can feel purposeless. I know that the upbringing and the environment that each individual is raised in is not always picture-perfect, and for a lack of a better term, I know that sucks.


However, I also know that there is light. There is light and hope, and there is always a pair of rose-coloured glasses waiting for you around the corner. Put them on and look at yourself, dear reader, see what everyone else sees in you – a beautiful, capable, worthy person. I dare you to recognize your strengths; your points for improvement as well, for it is those that help us grow. I dare you to be daring. Dare to occupy space and fill it with your brilliance. Use positive affirmations and challenge yourself to go about making decisions with a dream in mind, with a positive attitude, with the innocence and pure desire of a child, who is not burdened by the negativity that many adults seem to find comfort in.


The task of believing in yourself is perhaps easier said than done, but it is a task that we all must take on if we want to unravel our true potential; and what waste would it be if we didn’t?


So what do I do? How do I banish my inner saboteur and let my brilliance shine?


Drum roll, please….


Condition your brain and your body! Train them into perceiving the world and yourself as you truly wish to, and not as you may have been conditioned by external forces in past times during your life. Your past does not equal your future. The only way to get out of the appalling circle of misery and “failure’’ is to change your ways. Redirect your thoughts and actions in a positive direction. Use positive language to paint a bright picture in your mind. Stop ‘trying to’ and just do it! Of course, it might take time to combat the negative habit of putting yourself and your abilities down, especially if that habit has been forming and asserting itself for many years, but nothing is impossible. And it all starts in your head, with your thoughts. They control your emotions and your physical state. So sit in the driver’s seat and take your thoughts in the direction that you want. Paint your picture-perfect and live in it!

Choose to accept into your system only the things that are beneficial for you, because you deserve them. Filter out the negativity, the stress, the things that make you doubt yourself, and shine through.


And, dear reader, if you ever need some guidance, we are here for you! Be there for yourself as well.


Yours sincerely,


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