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Module 3: NLP Trainers Certification

  • Monday Sept 28th – October 1st
  • Investment €1500,-
  • Amsterdam


If you are going on for certification you’ll have one day off, then proceed to evaluation. The first day is the written test which will comprehensively cover classic NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner content. You will most likely have known months ahead what will be covered, and you will have plenty of time to prepare on your own as well as having lots of prep with others who are going on for evaluation, so you will be prepared.

In years past, virtually everyone has passed the test, It is by no means an walk in the park and is something you can be proud of.

The next three days of evaluation consist of two days of presentations and one day of doing demos. For the presentations, you can use one presentation you’ve done previously during the training. The other presentation will be a new topic that you will receive just prior to evaluation. Both presentations need to cover classic NLP content taught at a Practitioner or Master Practitioner training.

The other component is the demo day. You’ll have already seen and had ample time to practice each of the possible processes that you could be evaluated on.

You will select your demo subject from your group, teach the steps and get the shift.

BUT like I said you’ll have SO much more practice and instruction up-front, this will feel like another teaching day where you can learn more nuances as the day progresses.


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