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Module 2: NLP Training and Leadership skills

Pre-requisites for module 2:

  • Completion of module 1
  • Tuesday Sept 21nd – Sept 26th
  • Investment € 2.197,-
  • Amsterdam

In this module you’ll be integrating anchoring and chaining and using attention-shifting linguistic skills to create outrageously transformative states in your audience. You will realize your skills have been kicked up a few notches from where you started!

As the days go by you’ll be flying with advanced patterns in stacking themes, metaphors and getting high quality “real time” coaching so you get better and better.
You’ll have to opportunity to do entire presentations of selected topics as well as practicing critical elements- the really cool moves – that make this style of training so engaging and entrancing to audiences.

When John was asked for feedback on to how to improve the trainer’s training experience, most people felt they needed more instruction to fully understand the nuances of doing successful, live demonstrations.
The last two days of the training will be devoted to doing demonstrations of NLP processes and techniques. This is a rare opportunity to learn skills that many well known trainers don’t have.

John’s take on demonstrations:

You may have noticed there are many trainers who avoid demos like the plague.

 want the Trainers that I have certified to excel when it comes to doing live demonstrations.It requires the greatest amount of skill and flexibility than pretty much anything else you can do if you are teaching NLP or Hypnosis.”

If you are taking certification evaluation you will get a third day of doing demos, but now you have the benefit of fully understanding how to do them successfully.

After twelve days of fun, challenge, many breakthroughs, making connections you enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and we will take time to make plans for putting your new skills into action. We’ll hang out together let it all sink in. : ) Mmmmm.


What will you learn?



  • The use of metaphor to set up teaching points
  • The use of multi embedded metaphors
  • How to “mesmerize” your audience with the use of nested loops


Newest Neuroscience You Need to Know as Presenter

  • How to teach in a way that glides on the natural tendencies of the brain
  • How to facilitate neuro-plasticity
  • One simple skill to increase happiness and health (30 years of proven research)
  • How memory really works and how to use new findings to create transformation in your audience


More Advanced, Unique Presentation Techniques – you won’t learn anywhere else!

  • Content Chains to install new information
  • Using End State Energy to support execution of new behaviours and goals
  • Priming and entrainment techniques to increase ease of learning complex skills


The Leader’s Mind

  • How to cultivate a leader’s mind
  • How to manage and thrive through uncertainty
  • Quantum Coherence Training to increase your mental flexibility and dexterity
  • How to motivate teams, over time, to stay on purpose and get things done


Doing demonstrations

  • How to do overt and covert demonstrations that inspire and motivate, let alone always work.
  • How to conduct NLP demonstrations
  • Demo subject selection at various levels of training i.e. Practitioner to Master Practitioner
  • Demo breakdown and feedback from audience


Setting up Exercises

  • Designing exercises with multiple outcomes and evaluating your students for certification.
  • How to set up exercises
  • How to handle feedback after exercises
  • How to handle questions for increased clarity and transformation

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