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Module 1: World Class Presentation skills


  • Monday Sept 14th – Sept 19th
  • Investment €2197
  • Amsterdam

You’ll be in the “TRAINING ZONE” from 1 pm to 7pm. You’ll be learning far more than you’ll realize in the moment, but you are learning to be in the moment and just be with the process. There will be lots of music, great insights and you’ll be making some friend you’ll stay in contact with after the training for sure. You’ll soon discover if you didn’t know already, John likes to keep his trainings very informal and relaxed with lots of feeling and laughter.

Since John is teaching the entire training himself as well as supervising the exercises you’ll realize we are all in this together with the goal of getting better each day. To provide you with even more attention, you’ll be benefit from the amazing staff of VERY seasoned and talented Certified NLP Trainers to assist during exercises. (I am blown away at how the quality of our assistants- both as trainers and people!)

The first few days you will be using your physiology and voice to create purposeful shifts in the audience and poignancy in your delivery while we support you to express all of who you are in a naturally dynamic way.
You’ll be feeling the stretch, and enjoying it. You’ll learn how to really have fun while using new, exceptional skills that are not widely known or taught.
We’ll be done early enough most evenings so you can have wonderful end of the day conversations over dinner and/or to practice what you have learned during the day if you feel like it.

As the days go by, you begin realizing you have learned more than you thought from the preparation material as well as how the training is designed.
You’ll come to understand that you are noticing things you weren’t before. That’s because you are experiencing unconscious formatting with the conditioning you really need to become a great presenter.

As time goes you, you’ll learn how to use hypnotic principles and patterns in any setting and experience the power of conversational fractionation, embedded commands, pacing and leading and the appropriate use of ambiguity in presentation


What will you learn?

Taking care of yourself as a trainer/presenter

  • How to develop the optimal training state and maintain it throughout your presentation
  • How to truly “Be Who You Are” in front of a group.
  • How to cultivate authentic charisma
  • How to short circuit stage fright and have fun while you are presenting


Rapport with audience

  • Building rapport with audiences of any size ranging from 4 to ……
  • Pacing and leading the conscious and unconscious mind of your audience
  • How to answer difficult questions and maintain rapport
  • How to quickly read an audience
  • A deep understanding of group dynamics and how a group behaves in training
  • Quickly gaining compliance and control with any group.
  • Dealing with difficult students and hecklers.


Hypnotic and Attention Shifting Principles in Presentation and Design

  • Formatting the unconscious mind for learning
  • Creating sessions & presentations that “stick”
  • How to use hypnotic language and suggestions in training to accelerate learning and install new skills and strategies.
  • Powerful Principles of Attention-Shifting to produce rapid unconscious shifts in your audience.


Physiology & Tonality

  • Increasing the effect of your message by becoming aware of your physiology and change to create states in your audience
  • Becoming flexible by using a range of physiological styles
  • Use tonal anchors to create states in your audience when you want it.
  • How to use your voice to create multiple levels of communication


Course style and design

  • Different forms of training design
  • Chunking and sequencing sessions
  • Using the 4-MAT system to perfectly structure all of your presentations quickly and easily.


Unique Presentation Techniques  – you won’t learn anywhere else!

  • Universal triggers to create exceptional states of receptivity
  • Stacking Themes to really drive home your message
  • Elicitation and sequencing of states to create optimal learning states and transformation in your audience

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