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Let’s Talk 17 december 2015 with Dorothy Grandia

Let’s Talk 17 december 2015 with Dorothy Grandia

Wat is het onderwerp?

Influence through Communication

Have you ever had a great idea – but you couldn’t seem to convince others it was a great idea? Have you ever suffered through a presentation full of useful information that was delivered in the most boring way possible?

As human beings, we’re genetically programmed to listen and look for messages beyond the spoken word. We look and listen for subtext – the underlying messages that convince us whether the speaker cares about what we care about – and is someone we want to follow. By properly aligning three aspects of communication – your message, your delivery, and the cares/values of audience – you will find that your communication makes a leap from informative to transformative.

Wat ga je leren? Waarom zou je deel willen nemen?

In this fun, interactive workshop, you will have a chance to

· find out what kind of subtext you normally communicate
· fine-tune your body language and tone-of-voice to your purpose
· try out exercises to help you develop a wider range of communication skills.

Dorothy Grandia is a coach at the Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University and Faculty at the Erasmus Center for Women and Organisations, where she helps professionals develop clear and convincing communication styles. In open workshops, individual sessions, and in-company programmes, her interaction with clients allows them to increase the impact of their verbal communication in a variety of contexts, ranging from formal presentations to meetings to (difficult) conversations.

The workshop will be perfectly applicable to presentation skills (speaking to an audience in formal or informal settings), but also to one-to-one verbal communication. In the workshop we will focus on the alignment of body, tone, and focus with message, the difference between an empathy-based approach and a credibility-based approach, and when different situations call for a different balance between empathy and credibility.

Hoe ziet de avond eruit?

It will be a fun and very interactive workshop


De Let’s Talk avonden vinden plaats aan de Lireweg 74 in Nieuw Vennep. Deze avond specifiek zal plaatsvinden rondom Nieuw Vennep. Parkeren is er gratis.


De investering voor de avonden is €15,- per avond. Yes, echt maar €15.


Inschrijven kun je doen via onze online inschrijfformulier.

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