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Provocative Hypnosis

I made a career helping clients that Psychologists and Psychiatrists couldn’t help… And…

How you can do the same!

IMAGINE spending eight years working with ‘impossible’ clients…Those people who the experts had been unable to help…

Everything from terminal cancer clients, suicidals, and Anorexics on the verge of death…

Smokers on their way towards their second heart attack…

To the common phobic client…

Imagine that you did so with a no change no pay policy!


  • If you were to accept that challenge you would encounter, in addition to being BROKE on numerous occasions and doing extensive amounts of free work, that your skill levels would skyrocket.
  • There is no other option when you get paid ‘only’ for being competent…
  • You either get real good or you find something else to do.
  • Also you would discover that most courses ‘DO NOT’ prepare people adequately for seeing clients outside of the seminar room…
  • Fortunately, you would learn the insider secrets to getting results that no NLP, Hypnosis or coaching course could ever provide.

What if you could extract those skills and insider secrets by spending four days with someone who has been there and done that?

My name is Jorgen Rasmussen and after completing NLP trainers training back in 1998 I started an ‘Impossibles’ practice highly inspired by the old Bandler and Grinder books as well as the explorations of Milton Erickson.
In most fields you have what is called a scope of practice. My idea was to work as far outside of any so called scope of practice from day one.
I wanted to discover if the adventures of Erickson, Grinder and Bandler were possible for me…

When I did trainers training all the demos worked and the instructors all looked outstanding as they worked their magic on stage.
It didn’t take long to discover that seeing real clients. (Those who often haven’t bought into the NLP presuppositions for example) is a COMPLETELY different arena than the training room…
It became very clear that my training had not prepared me for the gaps I was starting to encounter.. It hadn’t even prepared me for the possibility that such gaps even existed…
Have you ever wondered why not more NLP and Hypnosis coaches do not ‘make it’ in private practice?

Most of them never successfully make the transition from seminar room to actual private practice!

Consider this:

Trainers carefully select (even though most deny doing so), which people to use to demonstrate the various patterns. Obviously, they want the demos to succeed andthey have to demonstrate what patterns they actually set out to do.

Those selected usually share four things in common:

  1. Well developed ability to visualise in conscious awareness
  2. Good access to feelings
  3. Great See-Feel Circuits (The ability to generate feelings voluntarily by using imagery )
  4. The capacity for hypnosis.

In addition to this…

They often select issues to work on that are rather mild AND the group support and other social psychology factors that the seminar environment offers helps a lot too.
The demos work, the instructor looks great… But sadly student is left with a false sense of confidence if they assume that what they have seen is representative for the dynamics of private practice. Even worse, the student doesn’t know that he doesn’t know…
He has no reference for how the instructor has used “screwing up” with a client as a foundation for getting better…He has no idea how he can get the benefits the seminar context offers in other ways.

The toughest clients out there…

The toughest customer is the analytical “left brainer ” with relatively low levels of commitment…
They often repress awareness of feelings, have little, if any hypnotic capacity.
They cannot visualise in conscious awareness and are riddled with internal dialogue… Good luck…
Actually, (none) of the courses I have been to has addressed this issue at all, which isn’t very surprising since most instructors avoid these clients like the plague!

  • Learn how to build commitment with these type of clients on the phone, before you even meet them…
  • Learn how to use a little known concept that’s a major key to my work… ‘Role Projection’ and the art of setting powerful frames to ensure maximum responsivity.
  • Learn how to get hypnosis with them and how to activate emotion.

The highly hypnotisable client.

The highly hypnotizable client offers some unique challenges as well for the agent of change.
One of these challenges is that they will often seem to make great changes in the office in then have no way of transferring the changes to the real world.
Learn what pitfalls to watch out for and what to do to succeed with the highly hypnotisable for LONG TERM change.

A format for succeeding with most clients most of the time.

You will learn my favorite formats for getting consistent results with most clients most of the time.

  • This format combines the best of time line work
  • Hypnotic regression
  • New code principles
  • Artistic ways of using provocation.

The most neglected aspect of all training courses… SELF APPLICATION…

Your royal pain the ass clients are an golden opportunity for personal growth.
Back in 2006 I “burned out” and had to revise how I did my work. I quit the “impossibles practice” and radically changed how I worked. I also started to systematically use the sessions to help me grow as a human being.

Can You…

  • Meet a self important client with a sense of humor?
  • Set boundaries AND stay present when a client pushes your buttons?
  • Take off the gloves and confront a client who is full of B.S?
  • Show deep vulnerability and empathy?
  • Break social norms and use provocation?
  • Use vulgarity to awaken the prudish and stuck clients?

Learn my unique ways of using the clients sessions to further your own personal development and radical self/other acceptance…

Why am I doing this?

I obviously want to make more money and would like to do more seminars and a bit less client work.
AND I want to share my gift with the world… I have never held an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner course. I have no interest in being part of what I consider to be a McDonalds style money making scheme.Basically, I dont give a rats ass about diplomas, certifications or politics…
This is a course for those who want to become the best agents of change they can be…. FULL STOP.

How else is this course unique?

  • You get to influence the course content to some extent.
  • Two weeks before the course we will provide a forum were the participants will get to know each other and present their biggest ‘Fears, Failures and Frustrations”… So that we can address them.
  • There will also be exclusive teleseminars leading up to the event that you will have full access to.

Do you qualify for this course

Those with a NLP Practitioner Diploma or at least two years of NLP/Hypnosis experience can attend.
Some exceptions will be made for skilled coaches and psychologists.

When, Where  & Investment

This seminar will be held on February 22 +23 + 24+ 25 February 2013 in Amsterdam. The

early bird investment for this seminar is €999,-  BOOK NOW to guarantee your seat!

and you get a Free ‘signed’ Copy of the book Provocative Hypnosis. After June the investment will be €1.197 . You can book now by filling in the form.

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